Rihanna's Anti World Tour kicks off in February (next month) and there's still no album in sight. I bet she's just waiting on one more song to finish the whole thing off. It's safe to say that this will be a digital release first? Right? No? It's fun that Rihanna doesn't have any rules or deadlines. While we all wait patiently for the drop of the season, why not re-watch some great moments from Rihanna's last tour? Below is video from Rihanna's final Diamonds World Tour stop from November 15, 2013. I remember I was in Nashville for a different show...and there were no reasonable plane tickets..so I flew to Mississippi and then I drove to New Orleans. The answers. Obviously worth it.

Pour It Up, Cockiness, Numb, What's My Name, Jump, Umbrella, Rockstar 101, What Now

Loveee Song, Cold Case Love, We Found Love, S&M, Where Have You Been

Stay, Rihanna talking about the last show of the tour, Diamonds