Beyonce at Made In America Festival 2015. It’s never too late for this. (HQ VIDEO)

Listen...there's not a lot of people I would wait all day out in the scorching heat for. Let me explain...there were people sweating, passing out, leaving early, all while waiting for Beyonce to come on stage at 10:30 pm. It was one of those crazy situations where...the sooner you get there...the closer you are to the stage...and the longer you have to wait. I got to the concert around 1 pm...I waited at the wrong stage for about 4 hours...then I went to the right stage and squeezed to where I needed to be. I just want to also say...there was a "stampede" moment...and I was definitely protecting the little people around me. The words "I don't want to die" definitely came out of my mouth. Hey everyone, new music festival rule: STOP PUSHING DAMNIT! Enjoy the wonderful videos below. I almost left because I was so thirsty for water...but I stayed. As soon as the concert was over, I bought 6 bottles of water and drank them within 15 minutes. Shout out to all the people who cleaned up the park after the show was over. And a negative shout out to all the people who litter..rude. The trees judge you every time you throw trash on the ground..just so you know. Also, when the bass drops, I can't really do anything about the audio. Just go deaf for a second like the rest of us did. It's like you're there.

Crazy In Love, I Care, 7/11, Diva, Ring The Alarm, Run The World (Girls),

Bow Down, Flawless, Say My Name, Jumpin Jumpin, Feeling Myself, Partition,