Friday, October 24
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Moving all videos to Vimeo.

September 26th, 2014

Everything will become available to view whenever you want as soon as I move my entire library over to Vimeo! Vimeo is really awesome for HD videos. Thank you for visiting my website on the internet. So much more in store.
On The Run Tour was so perfect because it wasn't a half/half show. It was a full on collaboration...with Beyonce singing on tracks she's never sung on and dancing to tracks she's never danced to. It was really really good. Example:

There were a lot of great moments from this year's Billboard Music Awards, but I must say Ariana Grande's performance was the one I keep thinking about. I don't know if it was the high notes during the song, Iggy's assist, or Ariana's perfect moves to the beat of the song...whatever it can tell there was practice and coordination put into it. Don't you just love moves that are in sync with other dancers? Love it. Watch below, try to resist. Hot performance!
Ariana Grande performing "Problem" live with Iggy Azalea at Billboard 2014.

Here is a video of my thoughts on the matter...I just want to say for everyone offended because "Beyonce didn't get involved"...she was wearing a fragile outfit, a hair thing..a face mask..whatever it's called. She wasn't about to get out the elevator looking disheveled after the after party. She knew there was a camera there. Solange..on the other this her first Met Ball? Get the woman up to speed I mean damn! Jay Z was appropriate not to engage, Beyonce was appropriate to lift up her designer dress and stand back. As for Solange...sorry there's simply no way to make you look good here :[...I mean you saw the video right? Damn girl!

Thoughts on Jay Z and Solange's fiasco.

Chelsea Handler's network E! commenting on the fate of Chelsea Lately, which ends at the end of 2014. 
Personally, I think this news sucks. Chelsea is the only late night show I watch. Everyone else is basically... exhausting to watch sometimes. Please don't go Chelsea. You totally deserve the $9 million a year to host the show because you're funny, honest, generous, and you support some funny staff members. Where am I supposed to see Heather, Sarah, April, Loni and Fortune now? Well, Loni has her own talk show now so she's set (lol). Now I want to go to Los Angeles to see a taping of this show...which is kind of a big deal people. Watch it weeknights at 11 pm on E! ...while you still can. Grrr.