Sunday, May 24
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This speech by Kelly Clarkson (her first allegedly) is why I voted for her like 4000 times during American Idol summer 2002. This video is why I ran around in the hallway outside my room when she won American Idol. Also, she's kinda talented. I loved the speech. Not only was it good-kind-of-awkward but most importantly it was genuine. A moment like THIS b*tches!

By the way, the guy who introduced Kelly was kind of a buzz kill when he mentioned her dog dying the day of a performance "a few years ago" (it was last year). WTF. What. A. Fail. Note to self: don't randomly bring up someone's dead anything ever. And especially not before they're about to speak in front of people...aaand he made Kelly cry (fail).

Got to meet Kelly. She's a hugger and it's really nice. She sorta remembered me from last year and my website I had for 2 years after she won Idol. She did remember "Operation Thankful." This was when my site and 2 others donated thousands of copies of her debut album to troops in Iraq in 2003. My site raised $6000 worth of albums and it was a proud moment for me. I really wanted to buy them during the album's debut, but the other sites weren't having it. I just wanted Kelly's album debut to be 300K and not 297K but whatever. I liked the idea of buying lots of CD's. That was fun for me. And so was last night. Kelly said I was so sweet. And I think SHE'S so sweet. Fan since day 1 son. Kelly Clarkson is the best, I want a new album...please don't make a completely country album. I feel like that idea's in the air and I really don't want it to be.
Kelly Clarkson being recognized for her work with Musicians on Call in New York City on November 18, 2014.
Literally I am not kidding, Jessie J. just shot her way up to the top as one of my favorite live performers ever. Her voice IS what you hear on the songs. So much power and control and range and I can't deal. If you're not a fan after watching these performances (with adorable little moments in between), then you're cray and I have nothing to offer you on this site. I had the opportunity to meet Jessie J and she was so sweet and kind. I told her I work out to "Fire" on the elliptical. I also told her I loved when she came to American Idol to sing with Angie Miller (she said it was a great time). There was a point when I was leaving meet and greet and she was walking right behind me up the stairs...I wanted to make a video but I didn't want to be a creeper. As I was leaving to go back into the event, Jessie said have an amazing night and it was so nice meeting you, which was sweet. I should have recorded the video going up the stairs (lol).

You guys and gals...I'm not over the notes from last night. I repeat, I'M NOT OVER IT. So flawless Jessie J, seriously.
Jessie J. performing "Sweet Talker" at Musicians on Call event

Jessie J. performing "Burnin Up" at Musicians on Call event

Jessie J. performing "Who You Are" at Musicians on Call event

Jessie J. performing "Masterpiece" at Musicians on Call event

Jessie J. performing "Bang Bang" at Musicians on Call event
Nick Jonas gave an excellent performance of his song "Jealous" last night at Musicians on Call 15th Anniversary event. Not only did he sound great, but he was joined by a choir that really helped bring the live version of the song to life. Everyone was all gitty and excited. Fun. Got to meet Nick. Told him I'm a fan of his album and specifically told him I'm a fan of Demi's "whoa-whoa-whoa-oh" in Nick's song "Avalanche." Because when you get to meet a fave, you let them know what's on your mind.
Nick Jonas performing "Jealous" at Musicians on Call event

Moving all videos to Vimeo.

September 26th, 2014

Everything will become available to view whenever you want as soon as I move my entire library over to Vimeo! Vimeo is really awesome for HD videos. Thank you for visiting my website on the internet. So much more in store.
There were a lot of great moments from this year's Billboard Music Awards, but Ariana Grande's performance is the one I keep thinking about. I don't know if it was the high notes during the song, Iggy joining, or Ariana's moving to the beat of the song...whatever it was...I loved it. I'm pretty sure some people are making fun of the dancing but who needs them? Nothing better on stage then seeing a few people moving in sync with one another, I say. Fun song. Watch below, I was on the left side.
Ariana Grande performing "Problem" live with Iggy Azalea at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.
Chelsea Handler's network E! commenting on the fate of Chelsea Lately, which ends this year. 
Personally, I think this news sucks. Chelsea is the only late night show I watch. Everyone else is basically... exhausting to watch sometimes. Please don't go Chelsea. You totally deserve the $9 million a year to host the show because you're funny, honest, generous, and you support some funny staff members. Where am I supposed to see Heather, Sarah, April, Loni and Fortune now? Well, Loni has her own talk show now so she's set (lol/WOOHOO). Now I want to go to Los Angeles to see a taping of this show...which is kind of a big deal people. Watch it weeknights at 11 pm on E! ...while you still can. Grrr.